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Deck Department

Loading Operation Control Simulator

The simulator is fitted with four training stations and one instructor station. The software makes it possible to plan and carry out loading, cargo handling operations and simulation of problems which may arise during loading of discharging on the following vessels.

Deck Department

Navigational radar simulator

This simulator is also made by Kongsberg. It is made up of 4 bridges which are like navigational bridges on merchant vessels. It is fitted with a number of devices and indicators used on a real vessel.

Deck Department

ECDIS simulator

ECDIS simulator is the most modern simulator purchased by Officer Training Centre. It has eight bridges; each of them is equipped with three monitors and control panel. The main screen shows the situation and in the lower part there are control and navigational instruments

Deck Department

DP simulator

The DP simulator installed at Officer Training Centre of Gdynia Maritime University is based on the real Kongsberg K-Pos DP Operator Stations and RCU-501 DP controllers. The Operator Stations and DP controllers can be configured as dual- redundant DP Class 2 equipment.

Deck Department

Navigational simulator

Navigational simulator made by Nicolson is an integrated bridge simulator used mainly for training students of Gdynia Maritime University at Navigational Faculty as it provides training in average trial and rescue maneuvers of different types of vessels.

Deck Department

Visual Bridge Simulator

The construction of bridge simulator enabled both students and course participants to experience real conditions observed at sea on the vessel. Familiarization with bridge, its equipment and procedures applied is extremely important for future officers to keep navigational watch. Visual bridge simulators at Gdynia Maritime University and in Officer Training Center are fitted with panels which are identical with those used on merchant vessels.